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South Breeze Elementary
1020 Old Main
Newton,  KS  67114
(316) 284-6560

(316) 284-6565 fax

Staff Directory


To email a staff member, click on the email iconenvelope to the left of the staff member's name.

Contact Autumn Altum  Autumn Altum ex: 1445 3rd Grade
Contact Kelsey Baker  Kelsey Baker ex: 1416 1st Grade
Contact Julie Baldwin  Julie Baldwin ex: 1424 Resource
Contact Ashley Best  Ashley Best ex: 1414 Kindergarten
Contact Denise Bowen  Denise Bowen ex: 1404 Media Center
Contact Beth Burns  Beth Burns ex: 1436 Art
Contact Jennifer Criswell  Jennifer Criswell ex: 1411 1st Grade
Contact Taylor Durant  Taylor Durant ex: 1420 2nd Grade
Contact Arissa Eilert  Arissa Eilert ex: 1428 P.E.
Contact Staci Ensz  Staci Ensz ex: 1406 2nd Grade
Contact Lisa Graf  Lisa Graf ex: 1459 Kitchen
Contact Wanda Kaufman  Wanda Kaufman ex: 1427 Latchkey
Contact Shannon Kirtley  Shannon Kirtley ex: 1447 4th Grade
Contact Jamie Klug  Jamie Klug ex: 1433 Reading Center
Contact Tiffany McLaughlin  Tiffany McLaughlin ex: 1442 4th Grade
Contact Kathy Murphy  Kathy Murphy ex: 1438 ELP
Contact Sherri Nicholsen  Sherri Nicholsen ex: 1401 Secretary
Contact Joe O'Hare  Joe O'Hare ex: 1435 Psychologist
Contact Joanie Pauls  Joanie Pauls ex: 1405 Computer Lab
Contact Tami Perkins  Tami Perkins ex: 1400 Secretary
Contact Julie Preston  Julie Preston ex: 1412 1st Grade
Contact Kendra Pugh  Kendra Pugh ex: 1407 Science
Contact Amy Regier  Amy Regier ex: 1437 Music
Contact Dominic Roberson  Dominic Roberson ex: 1446 4th Grade
Contact Kara Schmidt  Kara Schmidt ex: 1404 Media Center
Contact Amy Torres  Amy Torres ex: 1421 2nd Grade
Contact Amanda Warkentine  Amanda Warkentine ex: 1423 Resource
Contact Derek Webb  Derek Webb ex: 1443 3rd Grade
Contact Kaitlin Williams  Kaitlin Williams ex: 1403 Nurse
Contact Renee Ybarra  Renee Ybarra ex: 1431 Social Worker